Crosskix - A Superior Alternative in Foam Composite Footwear

Not just another EVA shoe to slip on and casually wear, Crosskix is pioneering functional footwear in mold injected shoes with striking, aggressive, sexy, and sporty designs for multi-purpose uses. Durable enough for rigorous work-outs including CrossFit and OCR (obstacle course racing but oh so comfortable for marathon runs and everyday casual wear. Excellent for any type of water sports and activities - fishing, SUP, kayaking, rafting, etc. And if you don't do any of the above, join the growing trend of Crosskix users for beach, travel, work, and play!
Made of the highest grade of EVA content for a lightweight, soft and extremely comfortable for men, women, and children. Fully adjustable instep strap for our 2.0 style and durable Elastic laces for the APX. Sleek and sexy body lines with strategically placed air/water vents allow your feet to breathe freely keeping your feet cool and anti-microbial. Use for wet or dry applications. Completely submersible in water with rear water drains to keep your shoes from becoming water logged. An excellent multi-purpose shoe!
Crosskix is a Florida based footwear company with a primary focus on developing athletically versatile and functional shoes in the EVA (mold injected) category. Launched in just May 2013, Crosskix has made an immediate impact with its signature shoe (Crosskix 2.0 and APX styles) selling in several countries and growing. Poised to become a major company in mold injected shoes, stay tuned for the most technologically advanced EVA shoes from Crosskix!

Our Story

A few years ago, there was only one major player in the EVA footwear industry. So, why isn't there anyone else competing in this space? 

Crosskix was developed to fill the void in athletically functional shoes in foam composite footwear. Until just recently, only one brand dominated this industry and moreover, no-one had fused athletic design with multi-functional purpose. Having athletic backgrounds and a passion for style, we set out to develop a shoe that everyone from all ages would be proud to wear (unlike the competition) and still function equally as well as any other sneaker in the market. Comfort, Style, and Function - Hybrid Footwear is Crosskix.

Crosskix officially launched via Kickstarter in May of 2013 raising just under $100K. Since then, Crosskix has been securing International Distributorship partnerships around the globe.

Crosskix plans to launch other new and innovative products in foam composite footwear including a proprietary technology that will take the running world by its feet! Please stay tuned for more at


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