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Copy of Crosskix Footwear


A Superior Alternative in Foam Composite Footwear


Introducing CROSSKIX

the Most Versatile & Attractive shoe in Foam Composite Footwear!






 100% Water Submersible  |  Breatheable and Water Drain Holes  |  Super Lightweight  |  Athletic Performance  |  Wear Moldable Footbed  |  Easy to Clean




Hiking  |  Boating  |  River Rafting  |  Canoeing  |  Stand Up Paddleboarding  |  Fishing  |  Running  |  Travel  |  Beach  |  Cruises


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No problem! We understand there's a good chance this will happen from time to time. If so, simply send back the (unworn) shoes in it's original packaging and we'll send you the correct size. 

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