How This $69 Pair of Hybrid Water Shoes Saved My Fishing Trip and Kept Me From Ruining Another Pair of Shoes

Focus On Your Catch, Not Your Kix

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Fishing has always been a great escape.

The fresh air, nature, time with friends, and of course the fun of a great catch. There's one thing that always seems to ruin it though, no matter how careful I am, I almost always end up following my catch right into the water - ruining yet another pair of shoes.

And as much as I enjoy sloshing around in wet socks all day, or wearing those ugly water shoes, I just wish there were a better way to avoid having to decide between wearing dorky shoes, or getting my shoes and socks wet while walking over jagged rocks so the big one I finally got hooked, won't get away. Because there's nothing worse than slipping and falling on jagged rocks, or when the fish snaps my line and gets away, right before I could get it in my net.

Thankfully, now there is. Late one night as I was gearing up for a fishing trip I was doing some research on the best water shoes for fishing, when I found a post in a Facebook group from a guy claiming he spent $59 on a sweet pair of hybrid water shoes called Crosskix, that he used all weekend while fishing, that he absolutely loves! I was sold. Shoot, for $59 bucks it was worth a shot. You know how much I normally spend on shoes! So I immediately went to their website and got a pair. 

"My buddy laughed when I told him about buying a pair of water shoes, until I pulled them out of my pack and he tried them on and felt how comfortable they are and how cool they look!"

The entire way to our fishing spot, my buddy kept saying that water shoes are for dorks! I immediately got my line ready while he kicked his shoes off and went barefoot. The last thing he wanted to do was ruin another pair of sneakers.

"What are those shoes?" my buddy asked.

"They're called Crosskix. They're the best pair of hybrid water shoes I've ever seen" I replied.  

"They do look pretty cool... for water shoes," he said with a smirk "but I do just fine barefoot or if I need to, I brought an old pair of tennis shoes in my pack." 

After the first hour, I'd completely forgotten about my shoes. They were so comfortable, I felt like I could fish in them all day. My buddy, on the other hand, was having a hard time.

He was on the other side of the stream slipping on the rocks, so he ended up putting his tennis shoes back on. Finally, he came over and stood by me, and as soon as he did I could see his shoes were trashed from the water and mud. While mine still looked brand new because as mine got dirty, I just dipped my feet in the water and they cleaned right up, almost like magic. 

Never again would I have to wear squishy wet socks and ruin another pair of my favorite shoes. 

What Makes Crosskix so Awesome?

Crosskix has created a shoe unlike anything I have seen before by combining a very comfortable, easy to clean material, that is also non slip and antibacterial. Which means no more stinky, dirty shoes and no more soggy socks. (Is there anything worse?!)

And because of the traction on Crosskix, walking on rocks, in rivers or streams, lakes, etc. is as easy as navigating to your favorite fishing spot.

Need to jump in the water to pull the boat in, or to help your buddy reel in that big one, not a problem. You have the support, comfort and ease you've always wanted. 

The mud, dirt and fish guts will come right off without bringing the smell home with you. And Crosskix are so stylish, you won't be embarrassed to where them Every-Wear You Go. 

Paid For Themselves On My First Trip!

After a few days of fishing and not stinking up my tent or truck with my dirty sneakers, or having to wear wet shoes the next day, I was absolutely sold that this was not just an essential item for camping and fishing, but an absolute must have for my everyday life and something my wife and son absolutely need as well.

Plus, I easily saved over $150 by not ruining my normal shoes in just my first camping trip. My buddy wasn't so lucky. And some sneakers, once they get dirty, never look or smell the same, no matter how hard you try. So I ordered 2 more pair, one for my wife and a pair for my 12 year old son, and they love them!

Why These are the Best Shoes for Fishing I've Seen So Far:

  • Easy to Clean: After taking them fishing for a weekend and not returning with stinky, wet, nasty sneakers, I was convinced.
  • Completely Water Submersible: Wouldn't take them fishing if they weren't
  • Comfort: So comfortable and no blisters or chaffing. I wear them with socks as my everyday shoes and without socks when I am in the water.
  • Traction: I no longer worry about slipping on rocks. These have amazing traction. 
  • For Skinny & Wide Feet: With two designs, the sneaker style (APX), and the wider shoe (2.0) they work great for my wide feet and I ordered the APX for my wife's skinny feet.
  • Trusted By Thousands: I typically like to use things that have been tested and reviewed by others first. In this case, tens of thousands have already bought and love theirs.
  • Durable:  I've only had mine for a few months, but some people have posted on Instagram that they've had theirs for years. Plus the company guarantees they won't fall apart, so I am not worried.
  • Stylish Design: I think they look cool and even my 12 year old loves them. 

But Is It Worth It?

YES! These are not an ordinary pair of water shoes, or ugly foam footwear, they are a complete game changer when it comes to fishing and shoes.

Just imagine how nice it would be if you could wear one pair of shoes to your fishing spot, the entire time you were fishing, and then you can rinse them off in the water and wear them home, or even to dinner that night. One pair of shoes that could everything you need, in comfort and style.

Where Can I Get Crosskix?

Cruise lines like Carnival™ and Norwegian™ and Water Parks all over the World buy Crosskix for some of their lifeguards, but because of the Coronavirus, the cruise lines and water parks were shut down. So, since the cruise lines and water parks haven't been buying, Crosskix is offering a 20% discount on everything! Just use Coupon Code: Fishing20

From Recreational Fishermen to Pro Anglers, Read What They Are Saying About Crosskix!

"Crosskix are the most ideal footwear for fishing because you get an all in one type of shoe. Crosskix are Water resistant, stylish, light-weight comfortable material, durable for those rough conditions, easy to cleanup, and applicable from the start of your day to the end. You can’t find anything else like these on the market."

Joe D. - JD Fishing

"When I found Crosskix on the internet I knew these shoes were meant to worn by fisherman. Whether you are on the beach surf fishing, on a bass boat on Lake Okeechobee, or on a flats boat inshore fishing these are the shoes for you. These shoes are completely water-proof. Their soles allow for all-day standing comfort. The best part is the unique color options. Crosskix are footwear that are intended to be paired with the water!"

Mike S. - BassNVlog Fishing

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