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The Every-Wear Shoe™

Tetra Closed Toe Dri-Fit Women’s Water Shoes
from $99.95
The very best water submersible shoes for kayaking, boating, spelunking, vacationing, mud racing and everything else, these submersible wet shoes check off ALL the boxes. They’re lightweight, quick drying, odor-resistant, ultra tough, sturdy, stable and conveniently non-slip. Available in an assorted variety of stylish colors and unique prints, our perforated Tetra sneakers are equally fashionable as they are comfortable. Wear them with or without socks as comfy canyoneering shoes, ventilated deck shoes, easy clean dog walking shoes, hiking shoes, trail running shoes, sporty gym shoes and more. Whereas our original submersible shoes with drainage holes leave skin exposed, these double layered closed toe water shoes put a protective barrier between you and the elements. This is because we've integrated a fast-drying micro mesh lining inside to block out sand, rocks, sticks, pebbles, gravel, grass and gritty sludge. Made from supportive non-porous KPU, a webbed overlay joins forces with the moldable foam footbed and natural cork insert to absorb shock, stabilize footing and prevent fatigue. Get the look of cool lace up sneaks without the hassle. Tetra all-terrain high performance trainer shoes with drainage holes come furnished with elasticized lacing and slide tight toggle locks for extra stay put worry-free security.
Tetra Closed Toe Dri-Fit Big Kid's Water Shoes
We’re doubling down on performance and protection to bring you the BEST all purpose multifunctional waterproof shoes known to man. Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, quick drying and fashionable, our Tetra water shoes for men are ventilated aquatic shoes that break all the rules. Perfect for beach jogging, mud racing, fishing, canoeing, canyoneering, river floating, trail running, boating and lots more, these slip-on water shoes fit like a glove. That’s because a breathable quick dry lining pairs with supportive webbing and a cloud soft footbed constructed out of foam composite to stabilize your step, wick moisture, prevent fatigue and block out debris. Unlike our original submersible shoes with drainage holes, these closed toe water shoes shield feet from sticks, sand, dirt, sticks, rocks, pebbles, gravel, grass and more. They also come furnished with slide tight toggle locks for extra stay put worry-free security. Crosskix has done it again. We’ve reinvented to the wet shoe to adapt to every occasion, condition and terrain out there. Transitional shoes you can wear anywhere and everywhere, these quick dry arch support water shoes are highly adaptable. Wear them with or without socks as non slip kayaking shoes, boat shoes, hiking shoes, dog walking shoes and more.
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