Crosskix II - the "Relaunch"

It has been an educational and frustrating 17 days with Kickstarter! At approximately 10 days into the project, Kickstarter deactivated our account because they said we were "in violation of compliance and guidelines"! They were saying that it is prohibited to sell "multiple" units of the same kind in a "tier" system. For example 2 colorways, 3 colorways, 5 colorways, etc. So, they deactivated the account in the search function and you wouldn't have been able to find Crosskix.
They then said that the only way they would turn us back on was to REMOVE all the backers from 3 different rewards. Fortunately for us, we only had a few people to get out of the rewards and then was turned on. But, we had lost valuable time and some credibility with our backers. Needless to say, it seriously impacted our chances to reach our goal.
The frustrating part is that there SEVERAL other projects in Kickstarter that offer the EXACT SAME rewards (tier) system!! After several emails between Kickstarter and us, we just basically bowed down to their rules even though the ONLY answer they could come up with regarding the other projects violating the guidelines is "unfortunately, we can't catch everyone and we try our best". Hmmm...sounds like you wouldn't dare cut-off any projects that have met or exceeded their goal because of guys get 5%!! So, they decided to exercise their "rules" on us because we were probably too far away from reaching target or, maybe someone is deliberately trying to sabotage our project??
So, we decided to cancel the project and RELAUNCH! This might be a blessing for us since now, we've gotten a crash course on how to promote and market the campaign. As well as adjusting the rewards so that it is more attractive. And best yet...we've actually negotiated a deal with an investor that allows us to reduce our goal on the relaunch! This is great news for us!!
If you'd like more details on the violation of Kickstarter guidelines, please click here to view:

Lastly, you DO NOT want to miss the RELAUNCH!! We have some "SUPER EARLY BIRD" specials that is sure to get everyone excited!

Please STAY TUNED and thank you all for your suppport!

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