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October 15, 2015

Crosskix follows up their 1.0 signature shoe with v2.0 and APX styles. Taking feedback and suggestions from loyalists, Crosskix launches a newer and more functional design to their trademark styling fusing athletic looks with innovative designs. One look at the 2.0's and you will be drawn to the aggressive styling "exotic" car body lines. And the APX all around sporty look allows a wider appeal to all genders and ages. Both shoes can be worn as a lifestyle casual everyday shoe to the weekend outdoors warrior from SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), excellent for OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), Kayaking, and just about anything in water. Both shoes are completely submersible...ideal for land to water and vice versa.

Less than 24 hours on Kickstarter and the target funding goal of $15k has been exceeded. Crosskix is also offering a "FREE" pair to previous verified backers. To claim your free pair, you must pledge (or preorder) at least 1 pair. The Kickstarter project is a 43 day campaign and ends November 26th. Target delivery dates are March/April of 2016.

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Crosskix are made to have a "RELAXED FIT"

They are made to have a little extra room but still has a secure fit that allows your feet to feel stable as you walk. 
There will be a slight amount of room around the perimeter of the foot and the sides of your feet may meet the shoe walls.
This holds true especially when you wear socks.