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Hello Summer

May 30, 2014

Our creative team’s been busy lately with photo shoots. We went into the woods, the beach, the track, and various gyms around British Columbia trying to capture different ways people can use the shoe. Being in a city like Vancouver, BC makes you appreciate the outdoors and not take what’s around you for granted. Several times, as we were setting up for our shoots, onlookers would stop and talk to us about the shoes we had lined up. One of the more common reactions we got when people first saw our Crosskix is that it looks radical – like nothing they've seen before.

We believe an out-of-the-box design merits an equal amount of out-of-the-box usage. Going to the gym is key and will always be the epicenter of most of our fitness regiments. But this summer, we challenge you to take your workouts to uncharted territory. Do some sand training at the beach, go hike a new trail, and do whatever you can to get your Crosskix dirty and wet. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and do it consistently - it is only after this that evolution can occur and we want to help you achieve that.


Your's in motion,

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Crosskix are made to have a "RELAXED FIT"

They are made to have a little extra room but still has a secure fit that allows your feet to feel stable as you walk. 
There will be a slight amount of room around the perimeter of the foot and the sides of your feet may meet the shoe walls.
This holds true especially when you wear socks.