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Lace Locks

Don't you just HATE tying and untying your shoes?
Let's face it...EVERYONE hates to bend your knees, reach down to your shoes, and perform the painstaking task of tying their shoes. Sure, you might do it a few time with your brand new shoes, but over time, you'll start to use your other foot to remove your shoes from the heel. 
SIMPLE! Because their EASY to use and they absolutely look COOL!!




                      Install in a "snap"!

 Elastic Stretches While Lace-Lock secures in place. 



Elastic Laces.

Our laces are made with 8 durable individual solid rubber tubes (.8mm diameter) wrapped with polyester spandex (stretch) knit. Each lace is 10mm wide. 

 Durable with 3:1 stretch.

Available in 12 Color options:

Lace Locks  

Our Lace Locks are made with durable Polypropylene. The lid easily snaps down to the base and can be applied by any child 5 yrs old and up. Specs: 25mm long x 15mm wide x 4mm deep.






Laces Exposed or Stealth


Size Chart


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Crosskix are made to have a "RELAXED FIT"

They are made to have a little extra room but still has a secure fit that allows your feet to feel stable as you walk. 
There will be a slight amount of room around the perimeter of the foot and the sides of your feet may meet the shoe walls.
This holds true especially when you wear socks.