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Crowdfunding FAQ

Below are answers to the most popular questions with our PRE-ORDER Crowdfunding campaign. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at 


If you don't reach your target, will there be a full credit for my purchase? 
Absolutely! Charges will NOT appear on your credit card if our campaign does not reach our target goal.

When will product ship? 
We will begin shipping product within 30 days from end of campaign.

What if my size is not available in my preferred style and color? 
You are free to choose any style and color of your choice. 

How do I exchange for a different size or style? 
Simply submit a Return & Exchange form and we'll make sure to ship your new pair on us!

Can I return my shoes for a full refund? 
Unfortunately, no. However, you can exchange them or they make excellent gifts!

Size Chart


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Crosskix are made to have a "RELAXED FIT"

They are made to have a little extra room but still has a secure fit that allows your feet to feel stable as you walk. 
There will be a slight amount of room around the perimeter of the foot and the sides of your feet may meet the shoe walls.
This holds true especially when you wear socks.