Travel is expanding phenomenally and with the needs and demands of travelers who vouch for convienience and suitability, the designs too are changing. This is a short review of the product'CrossKix 2.0 Atlantic'I haven’t extensively used them yet but have had taken a little walk to the Marina to get a general idea on how it works. So let’s watch this 3 minute vlog first where I tell you in detail what the product is about:

 Now Crosskix has come up with what they say is an all purpose shoe which can be used for hiking, sports with grip as well as is waterproof. Design wise, they have a very good range of color combinations and plenty to choose from - both muted soft color combinations and vivid color combinations. I had chosen Atlantic 2.0 because I wanted something bright for me.

 For the short while that I used the product, I felt the shoes were comfortable, I liked the adjustable pin fastener to tighten up in different holes and also the grip was good. It’s made of prastic-y material so its waterproof and the water gets away from the holes and the vents. However, if you are hiking, probably socks would go well with the shoes to provide extra cushion over the heel pad, and for me size 6 was a good fit. Note that these shoes are well suited for folks who do not wish to carry multiple shoes for different purposes. It's very lightweight, moldable and completely water submersible.

Water sweeping off my Crosskix Atlantic shoes at Mc. Kinley Marina, Milwaukee.

 Due to so many vents in the shoes, water does slip out really fast. I have tried it on the Marina, and I liked the fact that the water flows out very fast. It also surprisingly doesn't get so dirty. Another major plus of this one is, since it has got a sole, you can hike with these. It looks exactly like a shoe from the sides..


They come in two designs - 2.0 and APX both of which doesn't make you tie laces making it a very convenient footwear specially when traveling . It's a quick go-grab shoes and lightweight so can be easily kept in your bag without having to add on to much weight. Since they come in so many color combinations, you can team up with your dress or your cargo pants, and they would still look nice. All in all , a product worth trying. So guys, have you tried Crosskix before?
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