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Crosskix Introduces a New Revolution in Hybrid Footwear on Kickstarter

April 17, 2013 3 Comments

Stylish, Multi-functional and 100% Recyclable: A Superior Alternative in the Foam Composite Footwear Category is Born 

PORTLAND, Ore., April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Crosskix Footwear, the most stylish, athletic and functional shoe in the EVA (soft foam composite) footwear category, has launched their 40-day Kickstarter campaign (ending May 7, 2013) and pre-sells their first designs to start production. Crosskix offers the perfect mix of style, comfort, and most of all, functionality, and is a superior alternative to Crocs and other brands in the foam composite footwear category.


"We believe there's definitely a void in this category for a more sportier, stylish, and functional shoe," said Eric Saligumba, founder, Crosskix Footwear & Apparel Co. "Our goal was to design a shoe that everyone can proudly wear for multiple uses, and of course, look good while doing it." After over 4 years of designing, redesigning, testing, retesting and producing sample after sample, Crosskix has come up with a shoe that all men, women and children can wear.

Unlike other EVA shoes that are made with just one mold, Crosskix shoes are made with separate components. This allows the shoes to be more flexible, resulting in a fit and wear comparable to fabric-made sneakers. Crosskix shoes only weigh 7.5 oz, making them very lightweight and comfortable for multiple uses including leisure, exercise as well as work.

Crosskix shoes absorb impact when running, jumping or during high-impact type workouts. They are especially comfortable when worn for long periods of walking or standing and even in and out of the water. Crosskix shoes have special air and water drain holes, keeping feet cool and dry and allowing water to enter the shoes and drain easily without having to take them off. This makes Crosskix the ideal shoes for walking on the beach, at the pool or washing your car.

The shoes are made of soft composite foam that is 100% recyclable. As part of their RECY-KIX program, Crosskix repairs and donates all returned shoes to children and families in need around the world as well as offers customers a 15% discount on their next pair.

About Crosskix

Crosskix is an innovative new company based in Portland, Oregon that is revolutionizing casual and athletic footwear for men, women and children in the EVA footwear category. EVA is a soft foam composite material that, until now, only has two brands that dominate this category. Crosskix is a superior alternative to what is in the market today by offering shoes that are stylish, functional, light and comfortable. For more information about Crosskix, please visit

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3 Responses

Ben Tillson
Ben Tillson

April 19, 2014

My Crosskix arrived this morning. Fantastic, great design, excellent construction, every thing originally conceived!
So pleased to be part of this development from idea to product. Well done to all at Crosskix!
Thanks for a great trainer
Bedford, England.


May 10, 2013

Why do you only go up to US size 13? I need a US size 14 :-( (which is UK size 13)


Kickstarter supporter
Kickstarter supporter

April 27, 2013

What would be really cool is to offer custom colors of all major colleges, NFL teams, baseball teams etc… So that customers can order shoes to match there attire when they go to a game. Just a thought. Because I know I would be interested in buying a pair like that and I’m sure others would as well.

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