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Technical Specs

Features & Benefits

CROSSKIX was designed and engineered to function to absorb impact, ventilation, and water use.


*LITEKIX high grade EVA to absorb high impact activities. Offers increased flexibility to contour your foots every move.

AIR Vent  |  WATER Drainage

Rear vents allow AIR to flow through keeping your feet dry. These same vents allow WATER to flow through the shoe. Excellent for using IN or OUT of the water. You never have to remove your shoes!


Every person is different in how they like to wear their shoes - some like it loose, while others like it tight. The instep strap allows you to adjust how you like to wear your CROSSKIX.


*LITEKIX EVA outsole grips concrete, hardwood, rubber, fiberglass, grass, and turf for any activity. Additional rubber inserts at the front and rear add additional grip. Non-marking outsole.


*LITEKIX EVA upper (7.5oz @ size 9). Anti-Microbial (prevents bacteria) and Odor-Resistant.





Order the wrong size?

No problem! We understand there's a good chance this will happen from time to time. If so, simply send back the (unworn) shoes in it's original packaging and we'll send you the correct size. 

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