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Men's NYC Graffiti - Limited Edition Patterns - APX


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1 Year Warranty

For Non-Slip Safety

Your Trustworthy Companion for Every Adventure

Experience Ultimate Comfort and Unmatched Durability 

Enhanced Foot Comfort for Extended Periods

Water Submersible Technology & Drain Holes for Quick Dry

Odor-Resistant Materials for Freshness

Non-Slip Soles for Safety

Lightweight and Breathable Design

Superior Casting Precision and Adaptability

1 Year Warranty

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Every Step, a Transformative Experience.


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Hours of Blissful Fishing Comfort


Anglers Raving About Dry, Odor-Free Triumphs


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Hours of Blissful Comfort


Customers Raving About Dry, Odor-Free Triumphs


Pairs Sold


Satisfied Customers

Transform Your Life with Superior Comfort

Upgrade to Gear That Understands Your Needs

Engineered for all-day standing and walking

Unyielding dryness and focus, come rain or shine

Rocks and water easily slip right out of your shoes


Pairs Sold


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Comfort That Lasts

Gear Evolved - Your Needs Understood

Tailored for the Long Haul

Ergonomic design for unmatched foot support

Advanced cushioning for prolonged standing

Breathable materials ensuring freshness all day

Stay Dry All Day

Innovative water submersible technology keeps feet dry in all conditions

Designed to withstand exposure to water without losing functionality

Ideal for anglers demanding reliability in wet environments

Discover the Edge with Our Advanced Shoes

Innovative Odor-Resistant Technology

Defy long hours by the water with continuous freshness.

Stay Fresh on the Go

Engineered for non-stop action, combating odor with every step.


Lasting Freshness

Ensure a consistently pleasant experience, regardless of the adventure duration.

Moldable Footbed and Arch Support

Shoe will mold to your foot and provide you with hours of continuous support. 

Live More Comfortably

Mike H.

“Very beautiful sneakers and excellent quality, after a week of use my foot pain has improved a lot, speechless, thank you!”

Peter P.

“Very comfortable, you can use it for any occasion at work or on outings. The quality is impressive.”


Kristi E.

“Comfortable and good quality. I suffer from flat foot syndrome so I am thrilled to have these”